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Paediatric Physiotherapy Doctors In Noida

Pediatrics is involved with the physical, mental, and social health of infants from birth to young adulthood. An extensive range of health services is held by Pediatric care to the diagnosis and treatment of severe and enduring diseases. Our expert Paediatric Physiotherapy Doctors In Noida help children to achieve their impeccable physical development.

We have wide knowledge in the movement, development, and conditions that are reasonable to hit the infant and growing child and treat from 1-day-old infants to adolescents. They are experts in the assessment, identification, diagnosis, and treatment of child development and movement problems. When you will come for your child’s physiotherapy, we will do some check-ups at our clinic which is given below:

  • • We will evaluate your child’s physical and overall development by using our observation skills, special measures, and specific evaluation techniques.
  • • We will know what your child is doing well, what they are having difficulty with, and why they are having difficulties.
  • • We will provide a treatment program to your child, which aims to improve your child’s problems and developed their abilities.

Our Paediatric Physiotherapy Doctors In Noida have highly advanced skills which they use in your child’s treatment may include direct hands-on physiotherapy, education about your child’s condition and how they can improve, offering activities or exercises to do at home or school that will help your child’s progress, trial and prescription of specialized orthotics, splints or equipment to support your child’s development. Contact us to provide the best Paediatric Physiotherapy to your beloved child.

Paediatric Physiotherapy Doctors In Noida

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